Exchanges and Returns


Hello! If the shoes you've ordered from us don't fit or you've changed your mind, it's no problem at all. Simply send them back to us, and we will gladly send you a new pair, whether you'd like a different size or model.

We understand that sometimes a choice just doesn't work out. You have the option to withdraw from the purchase agreement and return the shoes to us. Remember, you need to do this within 30 days of receipt. However, we give you a bit more time if you need it, accepting returns up to 2 months, but then we will refund 75% of the price.

If you wish to return the shoes, please bear in mind:

Just as if you were in a physical store, you can try on the shoes at home. But we kindly ask you to do so on a clean floor to avoid scratching the soles, as could happen if tried on outside. Please, do not try the shoes on bare feet! Of course, we expect the shoes to be returned in their original packaging. If anything goes awry, bringing them back to their original condition can be complicated and costly, which you would need to cover.

What if you want a different pair?

If you're looking to choose a different model or size, it couldn't be easier. Place a new order, select bank transfer as the payment method but hold off on paying. Once we receive the shoes you're returning, we'll take care of everything. If your new choice is more expensive, you'll pay the difference upon delivery.

Where to send the shoes?

When your shoes are ready to be sent back, please do get in touch with us first to explore the most favourable return options. However, you can always send them directly to our address: , Senovážné náměstí 8, Praha 1, 110 00, Czechia. While we cannot offer a direct return via local parcel services for our international customers without prior arrangement, we aim to assist you in making the return process as convenient as possible.

Return Form

Please don't forget to include the filled-out return form with the shoes (or the one provided on the invoice):

Customer Name:
Order or Invoice Number:
Customer Declaration
⎕ The shoes have not been worn, only tried on (trying on means in a manner corresponding to shopping in a physical store)
⎕ The shoes were tried on in a clean environment
⎕ The shoes were not tried on barefoot
⎕ The shoes are returned in their original packaging
⎕ I wish to exchange for: _________________________⎕ I withdraw from the purchase agreement and request a refund to account (IBAN): _________________________
Date and Signature:
Your preferences help us to improve, thank you for every piece of feedback:
⎕ The shoes are too big / small for me. I usually buy size number ______
⎕ The shoes are too narrow / wide / overall do not fit my foot
⎕ I do not like the shoes
⎕ They do not match the description
⎕ The quality is not as I expected

We want everything with us to be as simple and pleasant as possible, so if you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. And remember, our Terms and Conditions contain all the important information and details, so do read through them to be fully prepared.