Bikini fitness competition

Are you just about to enter a fitness competition and checking if you have everything ready? Thinking about what will elevate your performance to the podium? Maybe you should take a few moments to choose the right footwear before the actual competition.

Often, a lot of attention is paid to clothing selection when preparing for competitions. It is certainly a very important part of the preparation. But don't forget about the shoes as well. Inappropriate shoes can not only ruin the overall impression and ruin the whole preparation, but they will scream from the stage, and that is exactly what you want to avoid!

What to look for when choosing shoes?

When you're choosing a pair of competition shoes, there are two basic criteria to keep in mind - comfort and beauty.
Women often have to choose between these things, but in this case it doesn't have to be. Be as demanding of your vendors as you are of yourself when training. Your hard work deserves a proper reward. Don't compromise! Team up with someone who offers premium quality goods tailored just for you.

Shoes transparent with at least 12 cm heels

Thanks to the high heels of the competition shoes, your calves will look simply stunning. Not only will they allow your legs maximum extension, but they will also make your legs look longer and your buttocks firmer.
On stage, the goal is to draw the judges' attention to your body first and foremost. Full leather or perhaps colored shoes can be distracting and detracting. Transparent shoes are the ideal choice. Transparent shoes practically disappear on your foot and allow the judges to perceive only your body.
However, it is worth considering a small rhinestone decoration, which gives a very elegant but non-distracting impression. Such a seemingly small detail will allow you to distinguish yourself from your opponents and become a gleam in the eyes of the judges.

Attention to the rules

Don't forget the rules. Before any competition, it is imperative that you check the competition rules and their requirements for your clothing and footwear. It would be a shame to lose points unnecessarily or be disqualified from the competition simply because of a breach of the competition rules.
Borrowing shoes at the last minute from other competitors is definitely out!

Shoe requirements by type of competition

Below you can see a sample of the requirements in fitness competitions in

OrganiserSvaz kulturistiky a fitness
České republiky (SKFČR)
Slovenská asociácia
kulturistiky, fitness
a silového trojboja (SAKFST)
Slovenská asociácia naturálnej kulturistiky (SANK)mezinárodní soutěže
spadající pod IFBB
Categorybikini fitness a bodyfitnessbikini fitnes a bodyfitnesfitness bikini, sport model and fitness figurebikini fitness a bodyfitness
Shoe types allowedopen toe and heelany shoessandal-shaped shoes, not closed pumpsany shoes
Heel heightmax. 13 cmmax. 12 cmmax. 13 cmmax. 12 cm
Platform heightmax. 1 cmmax. 7 mmmax. 3 cmmax. 1 cm

The following graphic will show you what types of shoes are allowed by the Association of Bodybuilding and Fitness of the Czech Republic.

Swimwear requirements

Don't forget the rules of your contest regarding swimwear. For example, the Czech Association of Bodybuilding and Fitness stipulates that the outer edge of the swimsuit must cover approximately half of the gluteal muscles during the entire judging and comparison period. The outer edge of the swimsuit must be adjusted to prevent slippage between the gluteal muscles. The swimsuit shall be checked at the time of presentation and shall also be checked before entering the stage. Every year it happens that some competitors wear swimsuits in violation of the rules. Then they secure a different swimsuit on the day of the competition at the venue, which you certainly don't want.

How to choose the best shoes

In a competition, the most important part of your stage presentation is an amazing pose, a worked out body and legs with a graceful and relaxed look. If you wear shoes you can't walk in during your performance, you will probably make your placement worse. You will feel and look clumsy. Give your body and your feet a sense of comfort that will show in your presentation, face and overall expression. Avoid situations where you will think about your shoes during your presentation, that they are crowding you, are uncomfortable, or perhaps, God forbid, they will fall or slip.

Walking training

Before you get good quality competition shoes, it's a good idea to try walking in different heel heights. This will help you find out how high heels suit you, whether you can walk at 12 centimetres or whether you still need to work on this part of your preparation for competition.

After you buy your shoes, practice walking in them and posing in front of the mirror with your trainer. This is the only way to make sure you walk smoothly in your shoes and don't look stiff and clumsy.

Only a good enough workout can make you feel confident and comfortable.

Think about the fact that 12 cm heels are already pretty high and if you choose the option without an ankle strap, the only support you will have is the foot strap. You probably don't wear such shoes every day and it takes a lot of time to learn to walk comfortably in them and do various turns. So don't leave the purchase to the last minute.

If you feel that the shoes are slightly tight, practice in them, the plastic strap made of high quality material will loosen and adapt to your feet.

If the shoes are uncomfortable to the point of causing you pain, don't hesitate for a moment and replace them with a different size or a different strap. Any reliable online store should allow you to do this. If you want to make sure you won't have unnecessary additional problems with returning your shoes, go with a trusted retailer like

Shoes with or without straps?

When trying on shoes, also pay attention to whether you prefer slip-on shoes or shoes with an ankle strap. This seemingly unimportant part can easily catch you off guard.

Slip-on shoes with only an ankle strap look very elegant. However, you should take into account the fact that these shoes have no support in the heel. If you are not used to walking in slip-on shoes every day or know that the ankle strap bothers you to move, you may be slightly caught off guard on stage in such shoes. An ankle strap will give you a little more stability and reassurance that your foot won't slip in the shoe on stage.

You may be wondering why the leading brands making posing shoes have a plastic strap. And if there's really so much emphasis on all-over shoe transparency. If you get shoes from leading brands, you will find that this plastic is the most comfortable thing your feet can get, next to real leather. After a few wears, the initially hard plastic strap adapts perfectly to your foot and instep and you can forget about blisters or scuffs. The shoes will fit your feet perfectly. So never lend your shoes to other competitors again.


You should also think about the height of the platform. The height of the platform should be no more than 3 centimetres. However, keep in mind that sometimes more is less. A platform that is too high can give a heavier impression and you will be suffocating when you walk.
When choosing competition shoes, always keep in mind that your feet should feel light and fresh.

We remind you that the competition rules in some competitions limit the platform height to 1 cm (see table above).
To choose the right competition shoes, we recommend you try exercising in shoes with different heel heights, platforms and straps.

Nothing like the original

Just like jogging involves good quality running shoes, even if you can jog in regular sneakers, you can go for bikini fitness in your ball shoes. But if you're really serious about competing, original posing shoes are an absolute must. In addition to a look designed specifically for fitness competitions, these shoes have a very high quality, cushioned leather insole that will keep your feet from slipping and even sweating in the shoe. The high quality plastic straps are designed to conform to your foot for maximum support. Leading brands on the market include Pleaser (Fabulicious collection) and Ellie. Both brands can be bought in the online store, in the section of shoes for fitness competitions.

So in conclusion:

Think about heel height. While heel height may seem like an unimportant detail, choosing inappropriately high heels can cost you placement. Adequate training and quality competition shoes designed primarily for fitness competitions, preferably from the online store, will ensure a confident walk in high heels.

Higher heels are preferred to elongate your legs more and give maximum prominence to your calf muscles. 12-13 cm heels are ideal. However, if you are not comfortable with this heel height even after training, choose a lower heel instead. Don't risk appearing stiff and unable to walk with an upright body and relaxed knees. After all, the goal is to pose naturally and stretch your muscles so that your legs look sufficiently worked out. Buying a backup pair of shoes with lower heels is also a good option.
In case you choose shoes with a strap, it should be comfortable for you.

The sparkles and rhinestones should give an elegant impression so that they do not unnecessarily distract the judges' attention from your body.
A final word of advice on why we recommend the online store Their prices are among the cheapest on the market and they keep the most popular competition shoes in stock. They replenish their stock regularly, and if they happen to not have your size in stock right now, they guarantee delivery within two weeks at most. In addition to sending you the shoes by post or courier, they will also deliver them free of charge to a wide network of collection points in many mostly Central European cities and towns. You can also pay securely with your credit card.

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