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  1. Pole Dance: Myth and Reality

     Pole Dance: Myth and Reality

    Pole dance, once almost exclusively associated with nightclubs, has now won the hearts of many women as a dynamic form of exercise and art.
    What is the difference between pole dance as a recreational activity and what happens in clubs?

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  2. To Infinity and Beyond - the very highest heels

    to Infinity and Beyond

    12 centimeters. That's the highest heels of pumps that can still be walked in.
    However, up to here I can hear the outraged scream of women that even in 10 cm heels their life is at stake!

    But the desire to excel, to overcome the others and to attract, pushes the boundaries of the possible higher

    To make walking possible, they come to the aid of the platform. Thanks to the platform, such a large inclination of the foot is not necessary and at the same time the heels reach unprecedented heights.

    From Pleaser USA, for example, there is a collection of Teeze pumps that offer a relatively comfortable walking.

    Higher heels are then suitable for special occasions. For photography, modeling, pole dance or for exotic dancers and various club performances or shows.

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  3. Choosing shoes for bikini fitness or body fitness contests

    Bikini fitness competition

    Are you just about to enter a fitness competition and checking if you have everything ready? Thinking about what will elevate your performance to the podium? Maybe you should take a few moments to choose the right footwear before the actual competition.

    Often, a lot of attention is paid to clothing selection when preparing for competitions. It is certainly a very important part of the preparation. But don't forget about the shoes as well. Inappropriate shoes can not only ruin the overall impression and ruin the whole preparation, but they will scream from the stage, and that is exactly what you want to avoid!

    What to look for when choosing shoes?
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  4. Shoes from the Hustlers movie

    Not only the actresses, but also the Pleaser shoes shone in the movie

    Hustlers is a 2019 American crime drama film written and directed by Lorene Scafaria, based on New York magazine's 2015 article "The Hustlers at Scores" by Jessica Pressler. The film stars Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Stiles, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart, Lizzo, and Cardi B. The plot follows a crew of strippers in New York City who begin to steal money by drugging stock traders and CEOs who visit their club, then running up their credit cards.

    The film is reminiscent of films like The Wolf of Wall Street, but the main actors are not stockbrokers, but strippers. Instead of men in suits, you can admire female bodies in lascivious costumes and beautiful shoes.

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