to Infinity and Beyond

12 centimeters. That's the highest heels of pumps that can still be walked in.
However, up to here I can hear the outraged scream of women that even in 10 cm heels their life is at stake!

But the desire to excel, to overcome the others and to attract, pushes the boundaries of the possible higher

To make walking possible, they come to the aid of the platform. Thanks to the platform, such a large inclination of the foot is not necessary and at the same time the heels reach unprecedented heights.

From Pleaser USA, for example, there is a collection of Teeze pumps that offer a relatively comfortable walking.

Higher heels are then suitable for special occasions. For photography, modeling, pole dance or for exotic dancers and various club performances or shows.

The leading American shoe brand Pleaser, known in Europe only to insiders, but also very popular among Americans and among Hollywood celebrities, offers a variety of sandals, pumps, boots or slippers with heels graduated by 2 cm. Until recently, the highest heels were 20 centimeters high. But that is not enough today. Lady Gaga could tell us something about that.

Shoe maker Pleaser USA was apparently inspired by the movie Toy Story, where Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear became famous for the catchphrase "To Infinity and Beyond". There are no limits, no boundaries and no ceiling. Our role as human beings should be to move forward, to discover and to keep moving forward. Don't stop pushing yourself further just because you just graduated from school and think that's the pinnacle of your education. Don't stop learning new things, don't stop working on yourself, and most importantly, never settle. Because there is nothing you can't do.

And in the spirit of this philosophy, Pleaser USA has designed the Infinity shoe collection with a respectable 22 and a half centimetre heel and the Beyond shoe collection with 25 centimetre heels. These are not really designed for walking anymore, as the label on the shoes informs us. "Warning: extremely high heels. Not suitable for walking or dancing."
Only it wouldn't be us humans if we didn't take it as a challenge. Our colleague Catie from Australia's largest shoe store Pleaser USA - "Shoes of Hollywood" - can convince you that walking even in such crazy heels is not impossible. Watch the video below to convince yourself: